Google Pixel Phones Gain Momentum in Smartphone Market

How Many Google Phones Are Sold Each Year?

Google’s Pixel phones are selling better than the company’s previous efforts, but they remain a tiny blip in a smartphone market dominated by Apple and Samsung. According to Francisco Jeronimo, market research vice president at global market firm IDC, Google sold around 10 million Pixel smartphones in the last year.

How many Pixel phones have been sold?

Despite getting rave reviews and being the subject of a few well-done ads, Pixel phones are still not all that popular. Especially when compared to the iPhone and Samsung flagships that dominate smartphone sales. But that could change as Google continues to make Pixel phones better than the ones before them.

According to Francisco Jeronimo, VP of Data and Analytics at global market research company IDC, Pixel phone shipments have hit 37.9 million phones since the first model launched in 2016. And he says they’ve been growing at double-digit rates in recent years.

That’s a good sign, but it’s still a small number considering that other Android makers like Samsung sell more than 10 times that amount in a single year. Hopefully, Pixel sales will continue to grow as the Google-built smartphones get better and more affordable over time. After all, the Pixel line has a lot going for it, from its praised camera to its excellent software and attractive pricing.

How many Pixel phones have been sold this year?

It’s always been baffling to see Google, one of the few juggernaut tech companies with the resources and world-dominating reach to make a phone that competes with Apple’s iPhone, struggle to find success in the smartphone market. Especially considering the Pixel phones are excellent devices.

But it looks like things are finally picking up for the company, at least according to the latest sales figures. IDC’s Francisco Jeronimo recently shared that Google managed to sell a combined 27.6 million Pixel phones between the first six generations of the device since 2016.

Jeronimo notes that this figure represents a huge surge in shipments this year, with nearly 10 million Pixel devices sold in just the past 12 months alone. This is a big improvement over the previous record-breaking year, when Google only managed to sell 7.2 million Pixel devices in 2021.

How many Pixel phones have been sold in the past?

In a world where iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones dominate, Google Pixel smartphones stand out as a high-end flagship device that is well-liked by reviewers and consumers (at least those who know of them). Yet despite this, the brand has struggled to gain momentum.

Luckily, it seems that things are finally picking up for the Pixel range of phones. According to a Counterpoint report, Pixel phone shipments grew in North America this year, and the brand’s market share has doubled over last year. The company’s strongest market is Japan, where the Pixel has found particular success.

That might not sound like a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it’s still an impressive milestone for Google. According to Francisco Jeronimo, VP at global market research firm IDC, the Pixel has managed to ship 37.9 million devices since its launch in 2016. Jeronimo says sales have been growing “in the double digits” over the past few years.

How many Pixel phones have been sold in the past five years?

It’s hard to know exactly how many Pixel phones have been sold over the past five years because Google doesn’t disclose that information. However, we can infer a few things from the company’s financial reports and other publicly available data.

First, we can see that Pixel sales have increased over the past two years. This is likely due to better availability, improved marketing efforts, and partnerships with wireless carriers. It’s also worth noting that this year’s Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are selling better than last year’s models.

Second, we can see that Pixel shipments have doubled over the past year. This is likely due to the launch of the Pixel 7 series and better market penetration. However, it’s important to note that Pixel phones still account for a small percentage of the global smartphone market. This is because Apple and Samsung dominate the industry with their iPhones and Galaxy devices.

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