Google Pixel Price – What You Need to Know

Four years ago, the Pixel made a splash with its affordable pricing and exceptional camera performance. However, after years of incremental mark-ups, the cheapest Pixel 3 now costs $150 more than its predecessor.

What does that mean for buyers? Let’s dive into the numbers.


Google Pixel prices have been on the high side since the phone’s inception, but with solid hardware and a slick interface, the phones have managed to find their share of fans. The company’s software innovations, such as the Pixel Launcher and Google Assistant, have helped make the devices stand out from the competition. Google’s commitment to releasing platform updates and security patches for five years is also an attractive feature.

The Pixel line of smartphones and watches are top performers that rival other flagship phones, with a slick design and some of the best cameras you can find on any smartphone. Unlocked Pixel devices have good resale value on Swappa’s used mobile marketplace. Prices vary by storage size and age. The cheapest Pixel phones are those with 32GB of storage.


With the Pixel 6 and 7 series, Google is trying to cater to two distinct audiences. The more affordable Pixel 6a is available for $599, $100 less than last year’s flagship. The bigger Pixel 6 Pro, meanwhile, is competing in the premium range with Apple and Samsung phones.

Both models offer flagship-grade performance, the latest Google Tensor chip, and excellent cameras. But they also add features like wireless charging, a built-in VPN and the ability to use Assistant with voice commands.

It’s important to note that the Pixel 6a doesn’t come with a 120Hz screen, while the more expensive Pro model does. That may be a dealbreaker for some users. But many other midrange smartphones offer 120Hz, including the $399 Moto G 5G and the $440 OnePlus Nord 2T 5G.


The Pixel series is Google’s flagship smartphone line, with the best overall camera quality of any phone on the market. The latest – and more expensive – models are powered by a new homegrown chipset called the Tensor G2. Day-to-day photos look terrific, while Google’s Night Sight ultra-low light mode blows away rivals.

The pricier Pixel 7 Pro adds an extra telephoto camera and a larger 6.7-inch screen to the mix. It also benefits from a tweak to the camera software that reduces image processing bias against darker skin tones. This is a welcome change, but it’s too little, too late to save the Pixel from being overshadowed by Samsung’s recent foldables. The Pixel is still an excellent choice, though.


Whether you’re running errands, jumping between meetings or embarking on an all-day hike, your Pixel is ready to go with a powerful battery and impressive cameras. And it’s backed up by the power of Google’s AI and three years of software updates.

From the earliest Pixels to the latest Pixel 7 Pro, Google’s phone lineup has consistently impressed. The Pixel series aims to bring hardware and software together, with AI at the core.

However, over the years the series has experienced aggressive mark-ups that align with broader industry pricing trends. Luckily, the current Pixel 3 and Pixel 2 are more competitively priced than their predecessors. And the affordable Pixel 4a is a solid entry point into the Android world. This could be the best time to buy a Pixel phone since its launch.

Battery life

The Pixel series is Google’s premium smartphone line, and it has a reputation for excellent cameras and solid battery life. However, there are some concerns about the longevity of its batteries.

In TechRadar’s review of the Pixel 6, and Pro, both reviewers praised the camera performance and software features, but were less enthusiastic about the battery life. They said that the phones could get through a day of light use but needed to be charged overnight.

On the other hand, Android Central’s reviewer was more impressed with the Pixel 6’s battery. He found that he was able to get a full day of use from the phone without charging, and he believes that users with lighter workloads will see even better results. He also likes that the phone shuts itself off when its battery reaches a critical state.

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