How to Do a Google Phone Book Lookup

There are several ways to search for information about someone using their phone number. Many of these services scan billions of public records and social media profiles. They also link every piece of information to create a digital profile.

These tools are available for both business and residential phone numbers. They are free and easy to use.


It’s free to use Google’s PhoneBook to look up people by their phone number. The search results are public user-powered and include names, addresses and carrier information for both land line and mobile numbers in the United States. It also displays a map and a business website, if available. It’s also useful for looking up telemarketer numbers or harassing callers, as it provides an easy way to track them down.

Google used to make it super easy with their Phonebook Operator, but after lots of complaints they shut it down in November 2010. However, the process is still relatively straightforward and free, as long as you know a person’s name. Simply enter the name and zip code in the Google search bar, and you will be able to find their address (if they have made it publicly available). You can also try using first or last names, or even full names with a zip code – just experiment to see what works best for you.

Easy to use

One of the easiest ways to find a person’s phone number is by typing it into a search engine. Google used to have a much more advanced directory called Phonebook Operator, but after a lot of complaints and requests for removal from people who didn’t want to be on the list, it decided to take that feature down. Nevertheless, there are still ways to do this, and most of them involve social media sites or free tools.

If the number is associated with a business, it will usually show up on the first page of results. The owner may also have their own website where their address, contact information and other details are listed. In some cases, you can even use their website to track down a missing phone or find out who was behind an unwanted call.

Another great tool to try is BeenVerified, which combs billions of public records and social media profiles to help you get the information you’re looking for. It can also help you identify scammers and potential online dates.


In the past a phone book sat next to your landline phone as your trusted resource for calling friends, ordering pizza and finding the local dry cleaner. Now you can do much the same thing online using Google. Just plug in the name and number and click search. You’ll be able to get information about the person who called you as well as their location and address.

Although Google has dropped a feature that lets you search for personal telephone and address data due to numerous consumer complaints, it’s still possible to track down numbers through a variety of free tools and websites. For example, USPhoneBook searches billions of records to provide a comprehensive report about the owner of a phone number, including their name and location. It can also find out whether the number is a landline or mobile. You can even learn if the person has any criminal or other public records. The best part is that this service is completely free.


There are many reasons to look up a phone number, including finding an old friend’s home address or tracking down someone who keeps calling you but hasn’t left a message. The good news is that this type of search is fast, free and easy to do using Google or other tools. The only downside is that you won’t get all the information on everyone, but in most cases it will be enough to give you a good idea who the caller is.

Google used to offer a more advanced directory called the Phonebook Search Operator, but after tons of complaints and requests for removal, they decided to axe this feature in November 2010. However, you can still do a reverse phone lookup using other methods, including social media. Just enter the person’s name into a search engine and click enter or the magnifying glass button. The results page will show you a list of the phone number and names associated with it.

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